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We now offer Open Breed Classes
The St. Clair County Arabian Horse Association was established in 2000, and grew out of the efforts of a fun-loving group of owners who wanted to promote the breed they loved so much. The stated purpose of the SCCAHA is to develop camaraderie amongst Arabian and half-Arabian owners and to promote the Arabian and half-Arabian breeds.

Becky Yielding served as our first President until her death in 2003; Skip Boyle served until the end of 2006, and Sue Jones served until her death in August 2013. Our current President is Terri Burch.

In 2013 we expanded our Association to Open Breeds. We had a great year and welcomed all the new Breeds with their owners/riders.

Sue Jones

Dearly Missed
Membership shall be open to anyone interested in joining this Association, regardless of where they reside.

Application for membership shall be made via the Membership Application accompanied by the appropriate fee made payable to The St. Clair County Arabian Horse Association.

Membership Fee: $20

Memberships are by family. The family consists of parents and their children under the age of 18 (or under 24 if in college). A legal guardian is the same as a parent. The owner of the horse does not have to be a member, but the exhibitor does. Memberships cannot be borrowed, nor can riders be added to someone's membership when they are not in that family. The only exception is a leadline exhibitor can be added to a membership for the leadline class only. The handler needs to be a member. When the leadline exhibitor also shows in halter or showmansip, they need a membership.

Membership Form
The Board meets are Feb-Oct with date, time and place being designated by the President. Meetings are generally held on the first Thursday of the month at 7pm at the Goodells County Park.

There will be a General Meetings of the Membership Meeting in February and October (Annual Banquet.)
Terri Burch
8435 Wildcat Rd
Jeddo, MI 48032
(810) 327-6862

Vice President
Diane Senger
(810) 765-3392
Kathy Mears
Kim Sanchez

Directors at Large
TJ Logan
Lisa Remy
Amber Burch
Pat Bennett